Support for endangered languages

The Linguists’ Circle has over the past few years given modest financial support towards the publication of material in or about endangered languages.

Who may apply?

There are no restrictions on who may apply, but note that the amount granted must be used in connection with the publication of material and not go towards salaries/wages.

The only stipulation as regards content is that the language concerned should be arguably endangered (cf. for example the UNESCO listings and definitions and, and that the project will result in a publication – or contribute to a publication – that will be of use for the documentation/maintenance of the language or dialect concerned. Thus purely theoretical publications are precluded.

Grant size

Applications for grants up to 6.000 Danish crowns are welcome. The amount available may vary from year to year depending on numbers of proposals accepted, etc.

Application submission

Your Application should be sent by email to with the subject line “Support for endangered languages”. Applications will be assessed regularly.

Applications should include a brief description of the purpose of the project and an approximate budget.

Members of the Linguistic Circle's committee for endangered languages 

  • Una Canger, University of Copenhagen
  • Adam Hyllested, University of Copenhagen
  • Ditte Boeg Thomsen, University of Copenhagen