Travaux du Cercle Linguistique de Copenhague

Travaux du Cercle de Linguistique Copenhague (TCLC) is a monographic series associated with the Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen. TCLC publishes scientific works that are too extensive to be published as articles. All eligible manuscripts will be subject to thorough review and revision.

Like Acta Linguistica Hafniensia, TCLC is rooted in European structuralism and in the special functional variant which characterizes the work of the Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen.

Manuscripts should be sent to editor Line Burholt Kristensen for review. TCLC accepts manuscripts from a broad range of linguistic topics and approaches, if the manuscript is of interest to the Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen and to an international readership. Submissions must be written in English or (upon agreement with the editor) in another major language.

Published by

The Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen.

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Routledge (Taylor & Francis group)


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Published TCLC volumes

Below is a list of published TCLC volumes. From September 2021 it is possible to download digital versions of selected volumes. Digitization of the volumes X,1, XII, XIV, XV, XVI and XXV was done by Project Infrastructuralism and is financed by the Carlsberg Foundation and Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics. Digitization of other volumes is financed by The Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen.

Vol. XXXV. Jan Heegård Petersen, Ghulam Sikander Khan (oversætter), Nabaig Nabaig (oversætter) & Taj Khan (oversætter): Kalasha Texts - with Introductory Grammar. 2016. 220p.

Vol. XXXIV. Torben Jelsbak & Nikolaj Zeuthen (eds.): Linguistics & Poetics. Proceedings from the International Conference in Copenhagen January 24 & 25 2008. 2010. 204p.

Vol. XXXIII. Torben Juel Jensen: Betingelse, generalisering og realitet - hvis-konstruktioner i dansk talesprog. 2007. 280p.

Vol. XXXII. Ole Nedergaard Thomsen & Michael Herslund (eds.): Complex Predicates and Incorporation - a Functional Perspective. 2002. 475p.

Vol. XXXI. Nina Grønnum & Jørgen Rischel (eds.): To honour Eli Fischer-Jørgensen. 2001. 297p.

Vol. XXX. Søren Brandt: Modal Verbs in Danish. 1999. 224 p.

Vol. XXIX. Jørgen Staun: On the Locational Description of Consonants. 1996. 137 p.

Vol. XXVIII. Michael Fortescue: Indoeuropean Reflections. 1996. 78 p.

Vol. XXVII. Eli Fischer-Jørgensen: Trends in Phonological Theory Until 1975. A Historical Introduction. 2nd. ed. 1995. 475 p.

Vol. XXVI. Rasmus Kristian Rask: Investigation of the Origin of the Old Norse or Icelandic Language. Translated by Niels Ege. 1993.

Vol. XXV. Louis Hjelmslev: Omkring sprogteoriens grundlæggelse. 1993. 141 p.

Vol. XXIV. Louis Hjelmslev et la sémiotique contemporaine. Rédigé par Michael Rasmussen. 1993.193 p.

Vol. XXIII. On Modality. Papers from Meetings and Discussions in the Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen. Michael Herslund (ed.). 1989. 71 p.

Vol. XXII. Linguistique et Sémiotique: Actualité de Viggo Brøndal. Actes du colloque tenu á la Societe Royale des Sciences, á Copenhague les 16 et 17 octobre 1987. Rédigé par Per Aage Brandt. 1989. 145 p.

Vol. XXI. Knut Bergsland Jørgen Rischel (eds.): Pioneers of Eskimo Grammar. - Hans Egede's and Albert Top's early manuscripts on Greenlandic. 1986. 188 p.

Vol. XX. Typology and Genetics of Language. Proceedings of the Rask-Hjelmslev Symposium, held at the University of Copenhagen 3rd-5th September, 1981. 210 p.

Vol. XIX. Una Canger: Five Studies Inspired by Nahuatl Verbs in -oa. 1980. 256 p.

Vol. XVIII. Jens Elmegård Rasmussen: Anaptyxis, Gemination, and Syncope in Eskimo. 1979. 152 p.

Vol. XVII. Peter Harder Christian Kock: The Theory of Presupposition Failure. 1976. 72 p.

Vol. XVI. Louis Hjelmslev: Résumé of a Theory of Language. Edited and translated with an introduction by Francis J. Whitfield. 1975. 280 p.

Vol. XV. Louis Hjelmslev: Sprogsystem og sprogforandring. 1972. 159 p.

Vol. XIV. Louis Hjelmslev: Essais linguistiques II. 1973. 278 p.

Vol. XIII. Jacob Louis Mey: La catégorie du nombre en finnois moderne. 1960. 149 p.

Vol. XII. Louis Hjelmslev: Essais linguistiques (1959). 2nd ed. 1970. 275 p.

Vol. XI. La structure classique de la civilisation occidentale moderne: Linguistique. (= Acta Congressus Madvigiani vol. V.). 1957. 235

Vol. X,1. H. J. Uldall: Outline of Glossematics. Part I: General Theory (1957). 2nd ed. 1967. 92 p.

Vol. V. Recherches structurales 1949. Interventions dans le débat glossématique (1949). 2nd ed. 1970. 307 p.